It all starts with a DREAM..

It’s not every day that your work gets to be published and printed by The Globe and Mail.

Three years ago, I heard a similar sentence from my higher up at my previous role. After our call, he said to me “Stef, it’s not every day that you get to sign a contract with the biggest ride sharing company in the world”. I took a moment to reflect on what I have accomplished, and it was almost like an out of body experience. I have been working tirelessly all of my life seemingly, and that’s because my parents instilled in me a great work ethic for which I am forever grateful. All the time spent in the grind. Is this what my parents meant when they told me that hard work pays off?

The answer is a resounding YES.

Who am I?

I am a first-generation immigrant who was born and raised in Indonesia. Looking back, I can still remember vividly when I first immigrated to Canada. I was once on a street in Vancouver dragging two pieces of luggage under the rain with all my worldly possessions. I had nowhere to go, and with no family or friends near me to help. All I had was a cellphone to call my brother and my parents in New York. I was running away from something that I would’ve never wanted to ever happen to me as an international student.

What did I do?

Some people when they’re confronted with pressure break. Pressure also makes diamonds, and that’s what I decided on then and there. I was going to work hard to get everything I want in life no matter what. After all, nothing great in life comes free. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice. Unfortunately, at the time all of goals and ambitions felt like a distant dream.

This publication could not have happened without the endless support from my husband, Nathan Levin.

My work is now published in Canada's most widely read newspaper guys! It all started with a dream.

Special thanks to Justine Abigail Yu!

SPECIAL thanks to Justine Abigail Yu