Stef's Film Photo Gallery

Welcome to my favourite corner of the internet, friends.

My love for film photography started when I was 7 years old, all thanks to my late aunt & my late cousin. We used to have a small shop in the village in Indonesia that sell 35mm film cameras, film rolls, and offer developing + scan. Since we live in a small village, all our customers were mostly farmers, and fisherman.. I still remember my level of excitement to see an image comes to life, and they were all beautifully imperfect. There wasn't much that I could remember since I was just a little girl, other than how i can make my way inside of the dark room to steal come of the canisters.

Ever since my aunt and cousin passed away due to cancer & an accident, I have since stopped using film camera. Nobody else ever exposed me to any cameras, so then life goes by. Fast forward, twenty one years later... I stumbled upon few film images online and they brought my childhood memories back. Why did I ever stop? Responsibilities, career path, and heartache of losing people you love at a young age.

2 years ago I started shooting film again using medium format camera gifted by my husband. Each time I load a film inside, I remember my late aunt & late cousin who I dearly love and miss. If I could go back in time, I'd love to see them again and each one of my family member in the past to take just one last photograph.. Together.

I would love to start charity for Breast Cancer. If you are thinking to purchase digital file for printing any of the images below, please reach out and 100% of the proceed will go to the charity.